Blue lipstick
Charms - Choose your favorite
$4.00 each
Awareness Products...
$8.00 each
$1.00 each
$4.00 each
Lips Car Decal 6" x 5"
Bumper Sticker - 10" x 3"
$4.00 each
This is the header used on the awareness display board but
I used it below the "lips" car decal on our station wagon
Header/Car Decal Add-on - 20" x 2"
Survivor charm
I think many of us have been leered at or even admonished for parking in a handicapped parking place. Maybe this will help educate others that there are invisible diseases such as Pulmonary Hypertension.
Disabled Decal
$4.00 each
The pens have arrived!!
Pens are sold in bunches of 10
$5.00 per bunch
Charms or Pendant
* Please note: For more than 10 bunches of 10 pens, please contact me for shipping rates
Face is 1.70"
Oval Mom and Survivor charms are exclusive to Barb's Beads
Shown on a bail
The Blue Lip Kiss Challenge by Cordelia Skuldt
Scroll down to see "The Blue Lip Kiss Challenge"
~ Lots of Zebra Accessories ~
I finally found a suitable bag for my o2 tank! It's a double handle bag. Zebra print on quilted style fabric. 1 rear outer zipper pocket. Inside 1 zipper pocket, 2 open pockets on the ends, middle separator zipper pocket so your tank goes on one side and your personal items on the other.
Measures 14.5" W x 9" H x 4" Deep
$30.00 each
plus shipping
11pc zebra seat cover set
Zebra-fy your ride
Quilted Bag
Shipping charges on these
items will vary. Please
allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
Beaded Earrings with Charms
Be sure to specify your bead color and charm preference
Size: Stretchable covers, One size fits most vehicles.
Color: Multi
Style: Velvety Zebra seat covers. 11 piece set comes with steering wheel cover, shoulder pads, headrest covers for the front, and seat covers for the front and back. Seams are double stitched for durability, fits all standard bucket seats.
Very comfortable
plus shipping
Except for the Pens and Zebra patterned bags and car seat cover set,
prices shown include FREE shipping in the continental U.S.

Micro-fiber canvas material bag, with attached coin purse. Large inside opening with zipper closure, rear zipper pocket, front velcroed pocket, open pocket.
Measures 12" W x 12" H x 4.75" Deep
plus shipping
plus shipping
Small backpack made of a polyester material. Measures 10.5" x 10" x 4" Deep
Measures 14.5" W x 9" H x 4" Deep